Gangster Rapping for British Red Cross

Gangster Rapping for British Red Cross

‘Poison’ is part of a new series of videos for the Campaign “First Aid Rapped Up” cleverly conceived for the British Red Cross by agency Fullsix London.

The British Red Cross launch a first aid baby and child app to arm parents with the skills to deal with accidents when they occur. The three fifty-second rap music videos for the campaign encourage parents to find and embrace their first aid ‘swagger’. Commissioned by Fullsix London and directed by Chris Sweeney from Good Egg production, CherryCherry VFX were called upon to create lip sync and polish the set with VFX bling.

So how do you get kids who barely walk to look like authentically rapping gangstas? Alex Gabucci, our VFX Supervisor explains “We shot the children with tracking markers on their faces so they could perform naturally without worrying about lip sync. The synced lips were then composited in post and were taken from selects from a second shoot using children slightly older singing the lyrics”

As well as creating a seamless lip sync, our team here at CherryCherryVFX cleaned up the set, added bubbles, lens flares and glints - all to ‘make it look more blingy’. The result speaks for itself.

The tongue-in-cheek videos cover three important areas of baby and child first aid – poisoning, febrile seizures and burns. They all feature children and babies in blinged-up prams and souped-up cots “rapping” about the importance of first aid, with lyrics such as, “We ain’t broke, yeah, we’re still in the game. Our parents could cope with some simple first aid.”


Agency: FullSIX

Creative Director: Rob Trono

Production Company: Good Egg
Director: Chris Sweeney

Post Production House: CCVFX
VFX Supervisor: Alex Gabucci


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