CCVFX Welcomes Olly Stothert

CCVFX Welcomes Olly Stothert

In February, we began an exciting collaboration with FLOCK Editors and we thought we would take the opportunity to share a little about the faces behind FLOCK, starting with Olly Stothert...

How long have you worked in editing and where have you been based so far? 

I’ve worked in editing for 13 years on a whole spectrum of projects some amazing, some amazingly crazy, and some just amazingly bizarre (thanks Alex Turner!!) Thanks to these jobs, editing has taken me all over the world, cutting movies and commercials in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. I’ve learnt so much from all the countries I’ve worked in, they all work in very different ways to produce the final film. For example I’ve been very lucky to work closely alongside some talented people like British Director and DoP Larry Smith BSC (Eyes Wide Shut [DoP], Trafficker [Dir]) and Hong Kong Director Kelvin Tong (Rule Number 1, The Offering), both on different sides of the world, they have a completely different approach to their craft, you have to be able to learn and adapt quickly… Hong Kong, they work fast!

 What do you think are the advantages to having editing and post production under one roof?

I suppose its a the theoretical 'roof’, but a super cool theoretical 'roof' in my eyes! To me this has to be a great advantage to editors as well as clients. Because for editors being able to share work early with a post production facility and having access to their expertise from 'the off’, this helps any project run so much smoother. My work is taking me out and about more and more and jobs are becoming more 'post heavy’, it’s good to know I have the support and expertise of CherryCherry at hand from the start to bounce ideas off. We can fire cuts off early to to see what can and can’t be done and prep changes to the edits made there and then. From a client perspective, knowing that your project is being looked after by people who work very closely together is reassuring to them, that they are going to get the best out of the project and with the fast turnaround of commercials, it’s imperative to the client, that the communication and relationship from 'offline to online' is a smooth as you can get.

 What does the future of editing look like to you?

We all know the speed in which filmmaking and advertising is changing, meaning the way we approach editing is also evolving. The future needs flexibility and accessibility to great talent, that’s what FLOCK is, a great group of talent that has the ability to be absolutely anywhere in the world. Flock is a fully functioning edit 'house' without the 'house’, FLOCK has all the expertise, discipline and support you need wherever you need it. The static old fashioned edit houses will always be there serving those who need them, but to me the future is an edit house that not only fits in my backpack when I'm cutting on set, but an edit house that can then be built to accommodate the most demanding of clients in any place they need it with all the support you would expect to get.

 A new concept in offline post production and now partnering with CherryCherry, we can back the whole 'post process' from start to finish, its fantastic to be a part of something new and exciting like this.

To see Olly’s work as well as the other members of FLOCK head to...

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