Matt Supersad joins as Senior Producer

Matt Supersad joins as Senior Producer

What is your role and what are your duties?

Senior Producer.

On a day to day basis I’m responsible for ensuring the smooth running of jobs and their postproduction workflows by liaising between the client and our editors/artists. Part of this process includes translating the brief into a workable production workflow by raising questions and, in doing so, revealing any issues or discrepancies that would delay production, such as sourcing missing assets. So, when the work is then briefed to the operator it has already been refined to the point that the operator should be able to proceed with their work with as few delays as possible. Of course, I also consult the operators directly should I have any technical or creative queries in relation to what has been briefed.

 On a job by job basis I also see it as my responsibility to provide support to the operators when the work itself is further complicated by eventualities such as a reduced production timeframe. On these occasions the work itself can become especially pressurised - I do what I can, therefore, to limit the amount of stress placed on the editors/artists so they can better channel their energies into creating the best quality work possible.

 More generally I’m also always on the lookout for opportunities to make contact with others in the industry who could potentially become collaborators of CherryCherry’s in the future. This could be in the form of seeking out potential new clients and acquiring work or forging creative partnerships with other media companies.

Your Skills and talent?

My background was originally on the creative side of things: from directing corporate videos and charity films to editing independent features, I’ve been involved in many of the practical disciplines that make up the media industries. I use this experience to  inform my work as a producer.

Why are you excited about the all new Cherry Post?

This has been an opportunity for an already well established post-house with superlative work under its belt to focus afresh on the future by re-evaluating our position in the industry. From time to time it’s good to take a step back and do your best to view yourself through a more objective lens. The purpose of this is to remind yourself of your goals and ambitions, with the intention of achieving those goals with a renewed energy and enthusiasm. It is with this in mind that I’m excited about being part of CherryCherry’s fulfilling future as an award-winning post-house.

What is your personal vision for Cherry Post?

To continue working on complex and visually-arresting CG and VFX for commercials and short films, which will bag us more awards and enable the company to grow though increased business. Through this growth in size and renown we would attract more narrative-based, long-form projects such as TV programming and feature films.

What have been your career highlights?

Being offline editor on Irish feature Twice Shy, starring Ardal O’Hanlon and Pat Shortt, which received theatrical distribution in Ireland and picked up awards at various film festivals around the world. Seeing it on the big screen at film festivals in Ireland and for it’s premiere in Dublin were special occasions as well.

And joining CherryCherry, of course!

What have been your career Challenges?

When starting out I worked a lot for free for several years while trying to make my name and expand my client base as an editor and self-shooting director. Those were the lean years, but the experience was indispensable.


Not yet for any personal work, though Twice Shy has received awards for (e.g.) acting and direction.  However, there’s always time…

Who would you love to work with and Why?

Any producers and directors who show a natural inclination towards the very creative and who prize artistry and ideas over bells and whistles for their own sake.


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