Meet the Team - Giles

Meet the Team - Giles

Cherry Cherry’s Flame Artist Giles has been with us for just over a year.  After joining from MPC he has fast become a highly valued member of the team.  

Although a gifted artist, VFX wasn’t his first choice, having wanted to be an offline editor initially; he discovered VFX and Nuke after over-hearing a conversation down the local pub and soon found he had a talent and love for it.

Creativity is key for Giles, and working on Flame, Nuke and Smoke allows him the satisfaction of conjuring something from nothing and enjoying looking at the finished visual against where it had started, describing the feeling as a mix of passion and excitement.  

Giles embraces challenges whether on set or in a suite and thrives on the positive environment found at Cherry Cherry, sharing ideas and techniques with colleagues and learning from one another.

Giles believes every job is a collaborative process, there’s no right or wrong way of doing things, the main focus is bringing clients’ ideas to the screen, ensuring they are happy, creating a relaxed and fun suite environment.

Some of Giles’ favourite work he’s been involved in includes Heineken - Trailblazers that he worked on at MPC and Florette’s singing and dancing tractor he has helped create here at Cherry Cherry.  

Giles loves to work on jobs that have an equal balance of visuals, storytelling and humour, such as Cherry Cherry's Asda Halloween advert last year, which had a great energy from the VFX to the actors and soundtrack.

Outside of work, Giles pursues an active lifestyle, including bouldering and rock climbing, going to festivals and gigs around London and abroad, and follows the cinema and arts scene as a member of the Barbican Centre.

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