Placements at Cherry Cherry

Placements at Cherry Cherry

Cherry Cherry, as part of their mission statement, is committed to the progress and future of creativity in post-production. A huge part of this is the offering placements to students keen on learning and honing their skills in a working environment where it’s more than just software skills they will be experiencing

As our latest placement is coming to a close, we look back at what has been learnt from both sides, with Kira Leung, studying for a BSc in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Brunel, having been here for 10 months during her 3rd of 4 year degree.

Kira specifically chose a small boutique post house for her placement year

“I wanted to work in a smaller studio in London as I thought this would give me the best opportunity to learn various tasks and software and get a better idea of the bigger picture as well as a focus on the more technical and specific jobs on offer.”

After an informal meeting with her line manager she was invited to start just 2 weeks later.

Eager for Kira to hit the ground running, she was given tasks that initially tested her capability whilst having a patient and engaging manager to work with through any challenges. Starting with smaller jobs, Kira soon proved herself more than capable and was given increasingly difficult tasks, up to and including her own shots to complete for a VAX campaign. This built up confidence for the student, with more responsibility falling on her but constantly supported throughout.  Kira also got involved in animation, with mobile app characters Animin, cheering on the England team at the World Cup!

Kira has said she has loved her time at Cherry Cherry. After coming in with no real expectation, everything has worked out better than she had hoped. Focussing on Maya as she had hoped, she learnt multiple other software as well as how a business in general worked – something she hadn’t even considered beforehand. Larger companies may not have offered this and she feels lucky to have had the chance to be part of the small team and experience a variety of business and technical insight as well as the chance to network with many external clients and contacts alongside in-house colleagues.

Cherry Cherry is always open to taking on people seeking placements, and Kira offers some advice to prospective students.

“Try getting into a routine before you start; getting up at 7am is very different to 2pm! Don’t be shy, and always ask for help, the guys here are so patient, helpful and friendly. My only regret is not opening up or adjusting to the routine quicker, everything else exceeded expectation, even the challenges faced were overcome and I learnt so much more than I thought I would.” Kira adds, “Personality is definitely key, go in with a positive attitude and you’ll experience much more. Networking is also something you should never pass up!”

Creative Director Hugo Saunders was very impressed with Kira’s can-do attitude; “It was great to see a student wanting to get so involved in all the various projects we worked on. She was always keen to test herself and it was a pleasure to have another positive and enthusiastic member of the team. She will be missed but I hope she keeps us updated on her progress with her degree.”

We wish Kira all the best when she returns to university in September and look forward to hearing about her future successes.

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