Sony - One Stadium

Sony - One Stadium

As we approach the end of the year CherryCherry VFX have been busy finishing post-production for the stunning new SONY ad, directed by Blink’s BAFTA nominated Samuel Abrahams.

Shot on Steadycam for a dynamic and natural look this shoot took three days to film, with fifty actors and six separate sets. Due to the post heavy nature of this commercial our team worked closely with Samuel and the director of photography, Sam Care, building an animatic to previsualise the set, camera movement and actors action.

Over six days our teams in London and Istanbul, headed by Av Bains and Nico Cotta, created the seemless transitions, set extensions & matte paintings using Flame, Smoke and Flare.

Production Company : Blink Productions
Director : Samuel Abrahams
Producer : Georgina Filmore

Agency : Isobar

VFX Supervisor: Nico Cotta
CG Supervisor: Tony Landais
Artists: Avtar Bains & Will Yarrow

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