Stunningly Cosmic VFX

Stunningly Cosmic VFX

CherryCherry has completed 486 VFX shots for the new film '8 Seconds' directed by Omer Faruk Sorak.

Inspired by actual events, the film explores the life of Esra Inal who spends much of her life living in a dream world alongside the daily struggles of her worldly life.

CherryCherry's work involved creating beautiful dreamlike full CG shots of the earth, the moon, celestial spacescapes, macro biological sequences of a human egg being fertilised, a fetus in a womb and quite possibly the longest 'zoom out' ever that begins in someone's back yard and resolves on Pluto.

This project is our largest to date and reflects our passion and energy for creating consistently great work.

We hope you'll like it too.

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