Vax - What Lies Beneath

Agency: Big Dog

Director: Matt Westrup

Producer: Amanda Lowett 

Production Company: Joyrider 

Post Production: Cherry Cherry VFX

Colour: Kenny Gibb 

3D Lead: Jamie White & Oscar Hill

VFX Supervisor: Hugo Saunders

For Vax we were tasked with portraying the grimy truth of what really lies beneath your carpets. Using CG CherryCherry made two worlds; a world of close up carpet fibres and also a  microscopic world of bacteria to promote the awesome cleaning power of the Vax Platinum carpet washer.


Director: Jake Mengers @ Bruvva

Production Company: Crossfire

Producer: Dave Graham 

Agency: George & Dragon 

Executive Creative Director: Rooney Carruthers

Post: Cherry Cherryy VFX

Post Production Producer: Ian Harland

Lead Flame & Grade: Giles Hicks

We worked in collaboration with George & Dragon to bring the delicious and exotic fruits of Onken yoghurt to life in series of new edits. We created a number of vibrant backgrounds uniquely representing each flavour. We combined CG with live action elements to showcase the bursting colour of Onken ingredients. 


Director: Has Emanuel

Production Company: Mad Cow Films

Producer: Peter Chambers / Jonas Blanchard

Agency: FCB Inferno

Agency Producer: Charlie Coombes

Post: Cherry Cherry VFX 

Post Production Producer: Abby Holland

VFX Supervisor: Hugo Saunders 

2D Artist:Giles Hicks

3D Lead: Jamie White

3D Artist: Danphe Westelynck

We created CG neon signs for half of the commercial. It wasn’t possible to create all of the neon signs in camera so we were able to offer a CG solution. We created five CG signs which we lit with reference from in camera neon and then tracked them in. The great thing about having done them in CG is we could control turning them on and off. This helped greatly in emphasising certain messages that the neon signs were representing. Along with the signs and a beautiful grade Nivea looked visually striking and something we are very proud of.

3 Mobile

Director: Mark Albiston

Production Company: The SweetShop

Producer: Justin Edmund-White

Agency: Boys And Girls

Agency Producer: Derek Doyle

Executive Creative Director: Rory Hamilton

Post: Cherry Cherry VFX

Post Production Producer: Ian Harland 

VFX: James Cornwell

Grade: Henri Pulla

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Director: Ross Cairns

VFX: Cherry Cherry VFX

VFX Supervisor: Giles Hicks

2D Artist: Hugo Saunders & Ben Stonehouse

Post Production Executive Producer: Ian Harland

ASDA George

Creative Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative Directors: Franki Goodwin - Will John

Agency Producer: Marie Hughes 

Production Company: Sonny London

Director: Jack Cole

Producer: Vanessa Hetherington 

Post Production: CCVFX

VFX Supervisor: Hugo Sanders

VFX Artists:  Hugo Saunders - Giles Hicks - Ben StoneHouse - Liam Corner

Producer: Ian Harland @ CCVFX

Grade: Henri Pulla @ CCVFX

Sound Design: Owen Griffiths @ Jungle

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Agency: Irish International BBDO 

Agency Producer: Andrew Counihan

Creative Director: Dylan Cotter

Creatives: Clayton Homer 

Production Company: HunkyDory

Director: Dean Blumberg

Producer: Lucy Hayes


Post Production Producer: Abby Holland @ CCVFX


CCVFX stepped inside design to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the new HP V ZR Backpack.
The film takes the viewer through three stages of car design and development, from early wireframe, to an exploded view in training mode and then onto the final stage, a complete model.
CCVFX’s CG team designed, built and brought this car to life.
It was pleasure to partner up with the excellent team at AMVBBDO/Flare...

Agency: AMV BBDO
Agency Producer: Tony Powell
Creative Director: Alex Kemp
Production Company: Dark Energy
Director: The Queen - Daniel Lumb & Crinan Campbell
Post Production Producer: Ian Harland @ CCVFX