A Death-Defying Gymnastic Troupe Creates a Metronomic Vision for the

Indie Dance Outfit.

The euphoric energy of British quartet Crystal Fighters manifests

itself into the form of twelve pro-aerialists, swinging from the

rafters of a cavernous warehouse space in Ross Cooper's mesmerizing

music video for "Wave." "The song is about acknowledging something

special and precious about the moments we share with each another,"

explains hirsute lead singer Sebastian Pringle, of the rapturous song

that serves as the opener to the band's second album, Cave Rave.

Taking inspiration from the gracious, undulating patterns generated by

a device known as a 'pendulum wave machine,' Cooper had the aerialists

perform similar motions via trapeze inside the giant warehouse, with

the aim to recreate the effect on a much larger scale than has been

previously seen.

CherryCherry VFX reconstructed the pendulum wave machine motion by

retiming and comping each performer on top of the other. The lighting

effect and fireworks were then reapplied and re-tracked in their own


Production company: Blink Productions

Director: Ross Cooper

Producer: Georgina Filmore

Post Production House: CCVFX

VFX Supervisor: Nicco Cotta

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