A few months ago, we sat down with the guys from BBH who came in to discuss an idea for a script they had. As we sat and listened, we couldn’t quite believe the opportunity we had to be involved in something quite spectacular.

Following a fantastic collaboration with Sonny London’s Jack Cole and the team at BBH and a month of hard graft, we are delighted to present this latest spot for KFC.

The work speaks for itself but to summarise, all the space shots and any shot featuring the Soyuz pod were all generated in CG.

We started off by creating a pre-viz based on the boards, to give a sense of the timings and pace of the spot but also so the composition and layout of each shot could be locked off. Once we had a approval on this, the CG team went to town on adding as much detail as possible a process that went right down to the wire.

CherryCherry’s EP Chris Allen says “When we first saw the brief, we knew the pressure would be on as there were a lot of references to Gravity and Interstellar that were being presented and the 5 week schedule only added to that. There are so many lovely little details in every shot, you can see how much care went into this. We’re so proud of the end result and once again this piece of work perfectly illustrates the quality we can create here”.

The spot is on air from June 4th.


Agency: BBH
Producer: Natasha Bloom
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Creatives: Renwick McAslan & Oliver Short

Production company: Sonny London
Producer: Tim Wild
Director: Jack Cole

Editor: James Rosen @ Final Cut:

Telecine: Matthieu Toullet @ MPC


VFX Supervisor: Nico Cotta
Producer: Chris Allen
Line Producer: Sezen Akpoloat
Flame Lead: Alex Gabucci
CG Lead: Bogi Gulacsi
VFX Artists: Emre Samioglu, Utku Ertin, Chris Maslen, Zafer Ercevik, Tony Landais, Doruk Saglam, Richard Nelson, Krispy Cornwell, Burak Ertekin, Altug Yilmazer, Melissa Yung-Hok, Enis Uzbek, Caglar Ozen.

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