This summer Samsung launched ‘Hypercube’, a first of it’s kind structure that will tour UK festivals. It will give hundreds of thousands of fans the chance to stand amongst Biffy Clyro as they perform their new single ‘Flammable’ in a virtual reality space. Festival goers are each given a Samsung Gear VR headset and as the band begins to play pyrotechnics and the laser lighting erupt around them and target the box from all directions, complementing the dramatic guitar riffs and lyrics to give users the ultimate all round experience.

Using 47 different cameras, multiple drones, 360 rigs and even a bespoke Black Magic rig mounted on a motion control arm, we teamed up with Creative Director Ross Cairns to create a spectacular and explosive environment. This effect allows the fans to watch Biffy Clyro’s performance from all angles, creating a fully immersive and never seen before experience - a new way to combine music with technology.

Lead VFX James ‘Krispy’ Cornwell:

‘Through Ross’s unique creative vision we were able to push the boundaries of what can normally be achieved through VR and do something that had never been done before.’

The new single is ‘Flammable’ and you can watch the teaser here.

Director: Ross Cairns

Producer: Julia Frost

Production Company: Resistance Partners

Line Producer: Peter Schellnast

Bulgarian Production: Solent Films

CCVFX Producer Beatrice Bowdon

VFX Supervisor : Nico Cotta

Lead VFX: James ‘Krispy’ Cornwell

VFX Alex Gabucci - Melissa Yung-Hok - Chris Maslen

Stitching Arthur Savall

360 DOP : Sebastian Hagemeister

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